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At Silhouette’s Cafe, our mission is to provide quality products that reshape your body and inspire your mind. We aim to do so by offering great value, affordable prices, and complimentary customer service.


A silhouette is simply the outline of a figure. It is that image that frames you metaphorically and physically. In 2008, after the birth of my daughter, I shed over 60lb with eating right and staying active. One day I passed by my bedroom mirror and caught a glimpse of my reflection. The light from the window had captured the shape of my body just right and I loved it! In that moment, the word “silhouette’ descended on me and a new idea was born.

Silhouette’s Cafe started with a brand of coffee infused with a popular herb renown for its health benefits and shakes that support weight management. Later, essential oils were added. These became the staple of my business. Essential oils, however, took my “healthy” coffee stop to a daily inspired lifestyle. It was then I learned that herbs and essential oils could be used to replace over-the-counter medicines and supplement pharmaceutical ones.

Life comes with changes. Yet, one idea remains consistent: good health is crucial. It cannot be substituted. Thankfully, a healthy body image can be maintained using many of the products.

Eating well and exercise is fundamental. However, what we feed our mind equally as important. We are what we think and our thoughts shape our behaviors. Our behaviors then shape our silhouettes. If your desire is to become healthier and happier, begin first with a decision then follow up with deliberate and consistent actions…daily. Those day to day habits will yield your desired results.

Silhouette’s Cafe wishes you well on your journey as we continue to deliver great products with a customized touch.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or praise feel free to contact us.



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