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3 Ways to Protect Your Spirit

By November 27, 2017Uncategorized
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Your spirit can be described as “the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.” The people we surround ourselves with the most can either elevate our internal self or compromise our growth which essentially affects our quality of life. What others do and say can affect you in an uplifting or detrimental, so it is important to guide your spirit well from infections. These types of spiritual diseases can come in the form of negativity from ourselves or others.  Remember, everyone who is around you does not wish you well. They carry negativity, dissension, and chaos like a virus. Do not become one of their casualties.

3 Ways to Protect Your Spirit

  1. Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love. You are not perfect. They are not perfect. No one is. We all have room for improvement in our accomplishments and character. Yet, while we could all do with making better choices, you should never allow anyone to belittle you. If they still speak down to you regardless of your efforts to become better, they have that poison. If you bring an idea to them and you are constantly made to feel like an idiot, they have that poison. No one’s opinion should crush you to the point where it is a fight to just be. Now, think back to that person who you could never please. No matter how hard you tried, nothing was good enough. How did that make you feel?
  2. Stay away from complainers. Words are like magic. What you say to yourself and to others can create things. Complainers are people who are invested in making everything an issue. They cannot see the forest from the tree. All they see

    Stay away from people who make you feel hard to love.

    is something to whine about. These are the people who you will see first thing in the morning and their faces are sour. They are also the last person on the way out from work who will stop you in your tracks to complain about the boss, their next-door neighbor, a client, or the tadpole. While there are legitimate reasons for someone to want to vent, fussing should not be a habit. It should not be a daily occurrence. You should not want to fight everyone for anything.  You can tell someone is a complainer when nothing of substance comes out of the conversation. Even with all of your attempts to divert or convert the conversation into something positive, that person will still find a way to grumble all the way to Negativeville. If you leave that person feeling drained, you have been poisoned.

  3. Stay away from self-loathing or degrading conversation. Again words are like magic and whatever you say even when others are not looking can create a spell. It is important that in our quest to achieving our goals and dreams that we do not forget to speak life into ourselves. Your aim should not be perfection. Is should simply be to move forward towards your personal evolution – developing a better version of you. Although you may be tempted to wallow in self-pity, don’t. Refrain from speaking negatively about yourself to yourself or to anyone else. Build up your own esteem and confidence with affirmations, meditation, exercise, and edifying talks. In a world where we have endless access to media that could tear us apart, it is vitally important that we take time out to uplift ourselves. Remember, we are spirits first having a human experience. Protect it at every cost.


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